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Choosing Your Major Field of Study: Online or Offline

Thinking of going to college? Worried about being accepted by the university of your choice? Perhaps you should give some thought to why you are going to go to a university...

When to Start Looking for a New Job – Signs and Tips

If you’ve been in the workforce for several years, at least once or twice along the way you’ve probably wondered if there were signs it’s time to quit your job.

The American Graduation Initiative: Good News for Community & Online Colleges

The American Graduation Initiative, announced by the president at Macomb Community College in Michigan in July, would aid America’s....

Burning the Midnight Oil: Or, How to Make the Most of Your Studying

The phrase “burning the midnight oil” is as old as the hills. Some phrases like that go back to a former time before the days of electricity, when kerosene lamps were used. These lamps burned oil (and they still do). So the idea of burning midnight oil means reading or writing in the wee hours. Studying, in short.

Online Certification Courses That Move Your Career Forward

In a recent discussion with a bank president, I was making a case for education, just as education. The bank president didn’t agree. “College degrees are all very well,” he said, “but what people really need is...

Tactics for Writing Winning Scholarship Essays

Many valuable college scholarships are based primarily on the quality of the essay you submit and several are based solely on the quality and appeal of your essay. 

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